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Russia has had a political and economic revolution. Now it's time for glasnost in the bedroom - Yelena Hanga, presenter of a new Russian TV show promoting the glories of sex

We are two quite boring people. We are from working-class stock, and we just earn a living and spend it - Leo Beckett, husband of the Trade and Industry Secretary, Margaret Beckett

There are many conversations we filmed on location that hit the cutting- room floor for fear of public outcry - Patricia Llewellyn, producer of a TV programme about the Two Fat Ladies cooking experts

A thing I noticed about the models was the horrible expression on their faces: a thin-lipped, narrow-eyed look of hostility ... that tells you that if your eyes meet a broken glass will be pushed into your face - Dr Anthony Daniels, social commentator, on visiting a fashion show

I know I have a difficult job but I wouldn't want yours - John Major's reported remark, when prime minister, to Charles Lewington, then Tory spin-doctor

I think it is a bit early to identify my successor - William Hague

It's not nice kicking a man when he's down. But it's safer - Tony Banks, Sports Minister, on Peter Mandelson, who failed to be elected to Labour's National Executive.

It always makes me laugh when people ask why anyone would want to do a sitcom in America. If it runs five years, you never have to work again - Twiggy, former model, now 48