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Our laws are God's laws, tried and tested down the decades and the centuries. They have, on balance, served us well. We cannot and must not and will not change them according to intellectual or political fashion - Akbar Ahmed, fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge, an authority on Sharia law

If I had my time again I would like to take up archaeology - Bill Wyman, former Rolling Stone

We do not see in Labour, old or new, any dedication to controlling the arrogance of power - Professor Earl Russell, Liberal Democrat frontbench peer

We may be witnessing the beginnings of an era of co-operation among the parties and politicians that express the values of liberal Britain. If it continues, the Tories will be seen off for good - John Gray, Professor of Politics at Oxford University

Every time we eat, every time we breathe in, we play a giant game of Russian roulette with nature - Roger Bate, environmental economist, warning of the toxins that he claims are in everyday food and drink

Sex addict: it means someone who is incredibly focused all day on going from sex outlet to sex outlet, like a chimpanzee going from tree to tree. Like all other addictions, it fills a vacuum at the centre - Dick Morris, who quit as Bill Clinton's spin doctor after disclosure of involvement with a call girl