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"Labour promised more openness in government. They have proved as open as a locked safe when it comes to finding out what interests ministers enjoy and how they have handled them to avoid conflicts" - John Redwood, shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

"Although the Teletubbies are unquestionably the greatest proof of Britain's creative genius since Shakespeare, they do not provide role models, as William Hague is beginning to discover" - Auberon Waugh

"When the official papers are released in 30 years, we will know the truth about Humphrey the Downing Street cat. We may see a vet's bill for the humane dispatch of a cat to his moggy heaven" - Terry Major-Ball

"Why not roast cat for Christmas? It was once fashionable" - Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics at University College London, referring to an 1875 article entitled "Eating Cats at West Bromwich"

"Showbiz is full of decadence, which I enjoy" - Catherine Zeta Jones.

"We used to refer to natural disasters as acts of God. Now it is clear that we humans are at least partly responsible. We are taking a reckless gamble with the future of our planet" - Michael Meacher, environment minister