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I don't want my party to become as terrified, as dependent on one person, as Labour has become on Tony Blair - William Hague, Tory leader

I wasn't put in to this job to wring my hands and beat my chest and discuss when I last cried - Harriet Harman, Social Security Secretary

I look forward to seeing a thousand Conservative consciences bloom as we look at the proper, accurate, fair reform of the welfare state - John Major, former Prime Minister

I think I've attained such a level of celebrity status that cinema can only lessen it - Eric Cantona, former Manchester United soccer star, contemplating whether he is now too important to become a film star

Painting will always be there, but with photographs you can take millions and zillions of images, whereas in painting you can cock up - Gillian Wearing, whose video "Sixty Minutes' Silence" won her the Turner Prize

It's obviously not the comeback he had in mind but until then I thought he had done a sound job - Nigel Spackman, Sheffield United boss, after Michel Vonk marked his return after a year out by scoring an own goal and getting sent off