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What the English mean by the Green issue is a bulldozer arriving at the end of the lane - William Waldegrave

A slag heap is a high mound of waste material which accumulates over many years. The arts in Britain are full of them - Melvyn Bragg

The belief in a more equal society is a philosophy which will come back into fashion one day - Lord Hattersley

Such vulgar, awful questions - Lord Archer, asked how much his new Andy Warhol lithographs cost him

All of us experienced ghoulish pleasure as we heard Harriet Harman being subjected to this terrifying procedure - Michael Portillo, discussing Labour's attack on the way she was interviewed by John Humphrys on Radio 4

This harping on about security and provision for one's old age fills me with dread and horror. It's a deadener of the human spirit. I have absolutely no intention of retiring and will go out with all guns blazing - Brian Blessed, actor

Just as his honeymoon is about to end, mine is about to begin - William Hague, who gets married on Friday, of the Prime Minister