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When your back is against the wall financially, creative juices flow - Anita Roddick of the Body Shop on "guerrilla marketing"

Telling people not to hold lighted fireworks is like advising them not to stick their fingers in electricity sockets. What next? A campaign to tell us that using a crossbow to shoot apples off children's heads is dangerous? - Jeremy Paxman, TV pundit

I don't go to church. The gratuitous nastiness you came across was hard to take. It put me off ... - Rebecca Jenkins, novelist and daughter of Dr David Jenkins, former Bishop of Durham

Being Chancellor is not a woman's job. There is a difference between the sexes and people who don't know that don't know what people are like with their clothes off. So there - Lord Healey

By meeting heads of state you realise they are just ordinary people doing a very difficult job - Bob Jordan, retiring doorman at 10 Downing Street

We still have a Goldilocks economy - neither too hot nor too cold. But whenever you get Goldilocks you get three bears, in this case: Hong Kong, New York and now London - Justin Urquhart Stewart of Barclays Stockbrokers

Grey isn't in fashion because it is never out of fashion - Fabio Piras, designer