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What we did was indefensible in moral terms - Sir Christopher Bell, Oxford University's former chief funding negotiator, on how Oxbridge outwitted civil servants to obtain extra money

Does it [Judge Zobel's ruling] say that you can kill a baby and that your youth and inexperience with cranky babies counts for more than a child's life? - Deborah Eappen

"Tell me, have you ever done any television?" - The Queen's reported remark to Terry Wogan at Broadcasting House.

Brazil have had Biggs for 27 years. They can keep him as far as I'm concerned - Malcolm Fewtrell, former head of Buckinghamshire CID

Have we slain one dragon only to have another take its place, with a red rose in its mouth? - Martin Bell, to Tony Blair

If men and women are equal intellectually they should be treated equally. Betty Boothroyd, Commons Speaker, on why she opposes positive discrimination in the Labour Party

I smoked 25 cannabis joints every day - George Michael on his response to the death of a close male friend