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The Blair Government is so pure that its rarefied atmosphere makes ordinary mortals' noses bleed - Lord Hattersley, Labour peer

The wonderful thing about being an independent is that you don't have to have policies - Martin Bell, Independent MP

It will be more pagan than Christian, like the Yorkshire moors in the sunshine - Entertainer Julian Clary's view of heaven

Pornography is to eroticism what American fast food is to French gastronomy - Joseph Khalifa, founder of the Museum of Eroticism in Paris

From a distance the arts appear bathed in goodwill, flush with money for buildings from that new provider, the Lottery. Closer to, they are in crisis - accused of over-charging, over-spending and mismanagement - Sir Peter Hall, Arts pundit

It's much more interesting being sexy in your 40s. That Spice Girl thing is fine, but there is nothing more powerful and glamorous than a fully developed woman - Lesley Garrett, opera star