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Europe might well be better off if its finances were looked after by the Swiss, its foreign policy by the French, its business affairs by the Germans, its sexual behaviour by the Italians. The great thing is to remove all power from London - Auberon Waugh

I am not sure that Kenneth Clarke is much interested in economic theory - Norman Lamont

It is rather like being something between a bungee jumper and a train spotter - Betty Boothroyd, on being Speaker of the Commons

I predict people will wonder how they lived without it - Tony Hall, managing director, Radio 5 Live

There is a lot more to this job than just going out to catch villains - Bob Reeve, a Kent village policeman who has been told he will be moved unless he makes more arrests

I was playing football. This bloke opposite was giving me a really hard time so I left early, got the knife and was going to chop him. That's my problem . . . I don't argue - Owen Marriott, jailed Sunday footballer of Brixton, south London on why he quit a game at half-time only to return with a handgun, ammunition and a machete

I never enter beauty contests - Chancellor Kenneth Clarke, unveiling his waxwork model at Madame Tussauds

I am a bit long in the tooth to become a stalking filly - Teresa Gorman, ruling herself out as a stalking-horse candidate to challenge Mr Major

I'm as baffled as Adam on Mother's Day - Xabier Azkargorta, Bolivian national football coach on the unavailability of players for his World Cup preparations