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Chancellors start earning their money when the economy starts behaving in a way they did not expect - Kenneth Clarke

The state of Michael Heseltine's hair is a matter of legitimate public interest - Roy Hattersley

I don't think he's up to the task. He is vin ordinaire and he should be chateau-bottled - Sir Nicholas Fairbairn on John Major

He should cut six inches off his height, wear women's clothes and a wig, and develop the conviction and political nous of Margaret Thatcher in her earlier years - Tony Marlow, Tory MP, on John Major

I have never been interested in any power except my own power in the theatre, which I love - Sir John Gielgud

As a single woman with a child, I would love to have a wife - Britt Ekland

I knew I was in big trouble because I was not in the aeroplane, which was a bit of a shock - Des Moloney, who survived after being catapulted out at 3,000ft

Bully the weak, suck up to the strong. It's a widespread business principle, and the banks exemplify it - Alan Clark, the former trade minister

I made my first conical bra for Nana, my teddy bear, long before I had even heard of Madonna - Jean Paul Gaultier

I call her honeybunch, she calls me all sorts of things, especially when I am not obedient - Ian Paisley, talking about his wife

There is a fastidious groundswell against disorderly dressing. We are at the dawn of a new era of elegance - Eleanor Lambert, 90-year-old doyenne of New York fashion