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It is an incredible feeling, like falling in love - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, as South Africa's blacks voted for the first time

I think I will carry the shame to the end of my career - Jacques Delors, outgoing president of the European Commission, on the EU's failure to stop the bloodshed in Bosnia

The Italians have dubbed us the Martini aircraft carrier - any time, any place, anywhere - Captain Terry Loughran, of 'HMS Ark Royal', on patrol in the Adriatic to monitor events in Gorazde

A government which contrives to fall out with Dame Vera Lynn is going off its head - Lord Deedes

War is a serious business - Paddy Ashdown

You lived to tell the tale? - the Prince of Wales to a well-wisher who had met his estranged wife

I believe working mothers make good mothers - Prunella Scales, explaining why she was grateful to her husband, Timothy West, for 'kicking' her back into acting soon after her sons were born

Lots of journalists don't spoil a good story with the facts - Betty Boothroyd

At the moment I feel great. But as everyone knows, it could all end tomorrow - you could be run over by a truck - Kenny Everett, who is HIV positive

If you really want a friend in this town, get a dog. I wish someone had told me that when I showed up with a neutered cat - Bill Clinton

The art world thinks of me as an uncultured, polo-playing clod - the Duke of Edinburgh

Since I gave up hope I feel so much better - John Osborne, in a notice in his bathroom