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I'd like to die while I'm writing . . . that would be very good - Ruth Rendell

Normally I would give you a quote. But not this time - Andrew Neil on Kelvin MacKenzie leaving BSkyB

I don't want to become a caricature of myself in my fifties. The problem with being in the movies is that it's all about how you look - Jamie Lee Curtis

You're always nervous the first night - but you can't be a virgin for ever - Mick Jagger, as the Rolling Stones launched their world tour

There's been a devaluation of everyone's motives - teachers, the Church, even journalism is not always portrayed as the pinnacle of honesty - Gillian Shephard, Education Secretary

I do sometimes feel a bit like the little boy who said the Emperor had no clothes - the Rev Anthony Freeman, dismissed after saying he did not believe in God

We're hoping that like Christianity this series will bring joy to millions, and unlike Christianity won't start a lot of needless wars - Dawn French, who plays a vicar in a new BBC comedy

The Tories have ruled the working class for centuries on the basis of divide and rule, getting one set of workers to disagree with another - now they are going at it themselves like ferrets in a sack - Dennis Skinner

She would be chuffed to wake to pounds 10m - Tom Cookson, dismissing suggestions that his wife, the novelist Catherine Cookson, is worth pounds 32m