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I can't bear people who are lazy - think how long you're dead - and there's always pesto to make or a book to read - Bel Mooney

I didn't want this guy nicking my money - George Anderson, 64, who tackled an armed bank-raider

I've always fancied a Bentley Turbo so the E- reg Peugeot and V-reg Mini may have to go - David Caldwell, pounds 2,267,636 pools winner

I thought it was best to avoid a greasy fry-up beforehand - Ian Berry, 18, after 100 continuous roller-coaster rides to claim a new world record

We won't formally replace the monarch, the monarchical presence will just simply wither away - Michael Bliss, professor of Canadian history at the University of Toronto

A lot of people have skeletons in their cupboards, of this nature and other natures, and it's a great shame that it should be haunting them ever afterwards - Philip Canter, solicitor for Petrona Lashley, Deputy Lord Mayor of Liverpool, who was once a prostitute

These days, whether you're an asthma suffer or not, you walk out on the street and within seconds your eyes are watering, you're coughing and you're spluttering. It's as much a problem for me as anyone else - Steven Norris, Minister for Transport in London, on air quality

I still think of him as a very kindly Sicilian uncle - Larry Adler, recalling Al Capone

I am not a saint, nor am I an angel. I am a normal, modern woman - the Duchess of York