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Some people are trying to resolve the Bosnia question without the participation of Russia. We will not allow this - Boris Yeltsin, warning against Nato air strikes on the Bosnian Serbs

The way things are going, it's more of a problem if MPs are heterosexual. They should be reversing the question and asking, 'You're not a heterosexual, are you?' - Matthew Parris, the gay former Tory MP and 'Times' columnist, on reports that Conservative Central Office is pressuring suspected homosexual MPs to get married

'Back to basics' is dead. The Conservatives should drop it and get on with ruling the country - Ron Thurlow, chairman of the Finchley Conserative constituency association, after his MP, Hartley Booth, resigned as a parliamentary private secretary over a relationship with a female researcher

We got over 2,000 letters and no one who wrote to us was in favour of the new look. It's absolutely amazing - we even got death threats - Craig Ferguson, an artist at Beano, after the comic had to drop the Bash Street Kids' new look

I'm looking forward to a pint of Guinness - Jacqueline Greaves, 53, to her rescuers after she survived two nights in the Cairngorms in temperatures as low as -27C

A fellow pulled up behind me as I was going into the garage and said: 'Look, there's a camel' - Audrey Richards, a garage worker, after a runaway circus camel strolled down the high street in Pennington, Hampshire

The wear on it, the imprints inside it. I don't know what the fascination is, but it's there - Chuck Jones, a New York publicity agent convicted of stealing pairs of the model Marla Maples' shoes, explaining his fetish to a judge