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As the Conservative Party seems to be more and more dominated by narrow-minded individuals who seem to go for greed and self-interest, I begin to doubt it - the Rt Rev David Jenkins, Bishop of Durham, when asked if Christians could also be Tory supporters

I am absolutely confident that I won't have to resign - Tim Yeo, Environment Minister, before a meeting with constituency party officials to discuss his future after he fathered an illegitimate child

Although I consider that my personal life has never in any way prevented me from discharging my duties as a minister, I now believe that I have no alternative than to step down from the Government - Tim Yeo in his resignation letter to John Major after the meeting

Back to Basics isn't a crusade about personal morality - John Major after Tim Yeo's resignation

I would like to see him (Tim Yeo) remain in the Government and remain as a reminder to the people of what the Tory moral values are - one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us - David Banks, editor of the 'Daily Mirror'

Political pundits can predict any old nonsense, and when it doesn't come true no one seems to mind - Craig Brown, newspaper columnist

The Jesuits flogged me from time to time - John Patten, Education Secretary

Let him play his saxophone instead of coming here and meeting with nobodies] - Vladimir Zhirinovsky, complaining that President Clinton will not see him when he visits Moscow next week

I would like anybody's face but my own. I hate the way I look - Anna Massey, actress

It's like being a born-again Christian - Jim Davidson, on becoming a Freemason