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My opinion, post hoc, is of no more value than anyone else's opinion - John Major to the Scott inquiry

The departments through which he passed appear stuffed with documents he never saw or which he saw but did not read to the end or which he read but did not act on - Robin Cook, Labour trade and industry spokesman

The only clear message you gave to the public when you were questioned by the Scott inquiry was: 'Don't ask me, I'm only Prime Minister' - Joyce Quinn, Labour MP, to John Major

He will not be short of friends - Lord Parkinson on Michael Portillo's chances in a Tory leadership election

We have never set out to suggest this is an administration of saints - John Redwood, Welsh Secretary

I realise that by bringing in this Bill I face the gravest danger - the risk of ground glass, or worse, in my meal when I next eat out - Michael Fabricant, Conservative MP, on a measure to ban fixed service charges in restaurants

He will play considerably less polo this year. He is simply not prepared to take the risk of his back letting him and everyone else down - spokesman for the Prince of Wales

She is not trying to promote homosexuality. All she was trying to do was to prevent the children being fed a constant diet of gang fights and killing - a colleague defending the headteacher Jane Brown's refusal to let pupils see 'Romeo and Juliet'

One of my mates has shoplifted a copy already. He told me he wanted to read it but he wasn't about to pay money for it - Ronnie Biggs, Great Train Robber, on his book 'Odd Man Out'