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It's all a matter of timing - Les Waas, of the Procrastinators' Club of America, which has just announced '100 per cent accurate' predictions for 1993

If a government is prepared to accept a lack of discipline in its members' private or public lives, whether it be drinking and driving, misleading the Commons or knocking off all and sundry, then the government cannot carry any moral weight - David Evans, Tory MP

There's a poll saying that 40 per cent of the American people think Hillary's smarter than I am. What I don't understand is how the other 60 per cent missed it - Bill Clinton

I will be a good mother - Rossana Dalla Corte, 61, who is pregnant after fertility treatment

I'd prefer to be a nave, enthusiastic person who achieved something than a cynic who did nothing - Lord Archer

I can only think those responsible for this decision had access to more money than sense - Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, when a 17- year-old offender was arrested shortly after a trip to Africa designed to reform his character

In diplomacy it is more important to be believed than to be liked - Sir John Ure, former British ambassador

The sermon on the mount - the Rt Rev James Thompson, Bishop of Bath and Wells, describing a service he conducted on horseback

A submarine cannot be discarded like a child's toy - Viktor Danilov-Danilyan, Russian environment minister, threatening to resume dumping waste from nuclear subs in the Pacific

A civilised society cannot operate when its education system is determined by confrontation - Ann Taylor, Labour's education spokeswoman