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This is not going to be a milestone in his life but a tombstone . . . the end of the monarchy as we know it - John Carlisle, Tory MP, on the Prince of Wales's admission of adultery

I seriously think in 10 years' time we will be wondering what all the fuss is about. But it's a hot news story now and it is summer after all - Anne Diamond, television presenter and columnist, after Prince Charles's admission

Bonking Britain is in no position to deny Charles succession on the grounds of adultery, divorce or even remarriage - Sir Bernard Ingham

One can't make one's whole life an ego trip - Bryan Gould, former Labour MP, discussing his return to his native New Zealand

If Tony Blair becomes leader of the Labour Party he won't be able just to coast ahead on a good-looking face and empty words - Douglas Hurd

We only stopped one train - Buster Edwards, Great Train Robber, whose flower stall at Waterloo Station has been hit by the rail dispute

Britain is an island that all the bridges and all the tunnels of the world will never succeed in linking to the Continent - Le Figaro

Of course we are pathetic. We are all slaves to women. They rule our lives - Peter Stringfellow, night-club owner

Win or lose, I am going out in style - Martina Navratilova, after reaching her 12th Wimbledon singles final