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I don't remember Nelson Mandela renouncing violence - Gerry Adams

When I think of what I've done it just freaks me out. I've seen their faces and they've seen mine - Jeff Baker, who stole a bag of explosives from terrorists on a train

To the man in the street, a number of people he has barely heard of are replaced by a number of people he has never heard of - David Mellor, discussing the Cabinet reshuffle

It is wrong to kick John Patten when he is down. But try to stop me - Roy Hattersley, on the dismissal of the former Education Secretary

I have aged terribly. Kind ladies lead me across roads I have no desire to cross, and out of pubs I have no desire to leave - Laurie Lee at 80

We can no more stop fighting the battle against 'big government' than the gardener can stop mowing the lawn or digging out the ground elder - John Major

Modern science fiction is unreadable. The heroes have silly names, the plots are trite and everyone speaks the dialect of the planet Slob - Steve Jones, professor of genetics at University College, London

Our goal is to end discrimination against body size and to give fat people the tools for self- empowerment - Sally Smith, 25-stone executive director of the American Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance

One day my wife said to me: 'What's it like to be fat and fairly famous?' - George Melly