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Keep away from words like heroism, gallantry, courage, bravery. We were in the US infantry, and we had a job. No man was a hero - Samuel Fuller, 81, who fought at Omaha beach on D-Day

I probably have a different sense of morality to most people - Alan Clark, following newspaper revelations of his affairs with the wife and both step-daughters of former judge James Harkess

Quite frankly, if you bed people I call 'below stairs class' they go the papers, don't they? - Jane Clark, wife of the former defence minister

There is this strong myth that young girls get pregnant just to get a council flat. I believe a lot of single mothers are like a lot of Tory ministers - they have sex first and think about it afterwards - Diane Abbott, Labour MP

I find it a very unlovely feature of public life when people in power pick on the most despised groups in society rather than asking what the causes are - David Sheppard, Bishop of Liverpool, on John Major's attack on beggars

No rational person chooses to sleep in a cardboard box and live off the Salvation Army and refuse bins - Roy Hattersley

I admit to being a curious man and some of the scenes were quite explicit - Felix Paul, Seychelles bishop after Rome called for his resignation when he confessed to watching pornographic films

Some would say I'm almost the last Conservative - Sir Edward Heath, after being told at Glasgow University that a student called him 'the last socialist in the House of Commons'