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This represents the trough of our fortunes - Douglas Hurd on the European elections

The Conservatives have been overtaken by a political earthquake - Margaret Beckett

I have worked for the Tory party for more than 40 years now . . . and when I see the depth to which it has sunk in public esteem my temptation is not to panic but to weep - Sir George Gardiner, Conservative MP

We aren't being Clintonised, but there are similar strands - Tony Blair on changes in the Labour Party

We've collected dollars 10m and haven't had to yank a licence yet - Don Gannon, an official in Maine, which threatens to take driving licences from men who fail to support their estranged families

We were utterly different, like the characters in Star Trek . . . (we) seemed to be from different planets - Hillary Clinton, on first meeting her future mother-in-law

We would not mind so much if it was called Reginald Jones - Sue Young, objecting to plans to name her close in Midsomer Norton, Avon, after a local miner and historian, Reg Jones.

I would refuse to drink water when I ate fish because I thought the fish would reconstitute itself in my stomach - Peter Ustinov, recalling his childhood

I have no recollection of having sex on an American Express card - David Wraith, who is suing his ex-wife, alleging a 'fatal attraction'- style vendetta