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If you have bright plumage, people will take pot shots at you - Alan Clark

I wouldn't mind if the job was done by marmosets - Jonathan Miller, when asked what he thought about women priests

Socialism is an ideology often more successfully caricatured by our enemies than defined by our friends - Gordon Brown

I think anyone who is worth pounds 70m and claims he is being hard done by should look at the rail strike - Pete Waterman, record producer, after George Michael lost his contract case against Sony

Our grassroots could do with a bit of watering. - Teresa Gorman, Conservative MP

All too often we have been persuaded to accept some new leader as 'classless' only to discover that he is really lower-class. It is time to state quite clearly that we do not wish to be ruled by the lower classes - Auberon Waugh

I am not a sex maniac. I will have sex until I stop feeling like it - Sir Antony Buck, former Conservative MP, discussing his third marriage