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I'm so thrilled. I just think heaven and earth moved a little bit closer today - Jane Hayward on her ordination as a priest

I put the boot down and kept going - Sister Madeleine Naughton, describing how she survived after four people were shot dead when their convoy came under rebel fire in Sierra Leone

Whitewater is not about cover-ups, it's about screw-ups - David Gergen, White House adviser

It seems to have cheapened, somehow, my son's death - Chris Roberts, on the five-year sentence passed on the shoplifter who killed his son

My father will, I hope, live for many years to come and I believe that long before his death I will, with psychiatric help, have overcome my psychological problems - the Marquess of Blandford in an affidavit to a court action which could see him lose control of Blenheim Palace

My profession does not allow me to go swanning around buying pints of milk. I wouldn't be of sufficient service to my constituents if I went into shops - Tristan Garel-Jones, MP, asked if he could name the price of a pint of milk

I no longer much care what anyone writes about me - John Patten, the Education Secretary

The IRA will continue to operate wherever the risks are low and success offers high cost to the state and wide publicity - General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley

It can actually be a lot of fun - Helmut Kohl, the German Chancellor, on his corpulence

It's tragic as he's a brilliant officer. But given the background, you can't expect me to be overwhelmed with grief - Sir Antony Buck, on the resignation of the Chief of Defence Staff, Sir Peter Harding, over his affair with Lady Buck