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I had to raise my voice in order that the Prime Minister could hear, because he was shouting loudly. I have a better voice than him - Ian Paisley, after a 'very frank' meeting with John Major to discuss the Downing Street declaration on Northern Ireland

If Thatcherism is right, then the New Testament got things horribly wrong - Bruce Grocott, Labour MP

I hope that I don't behave like a newspaper proprietor because that's the last thing that the Independent titles want - David Montgomery, chief executive of Mirror Group Newspapers

The diet industry arrogantly claims it always knows better than nature - Egon Ronay

Women would rather spend pounds 100 on a new dress - Cynthia Payne, former brothel owner, doubting the potential success of male escorts

I have to say in the way of an apology that I and the majority of my colleagues in Parliament did not appreciate the way it would work. We got it wrong - Simon Coombs, Conservative MP, on the Child Support Agency

I never accept lengthy film roles nowadays, because I am always so afraid I will die in the middle of shooting and cause such awful problems - Sir John Gielgud, who is 90 next month

You cannot simply go along increasing the population and expecting it always to be employed - the Duke of Edinburgh

Having wrinkles is at once strange and exciting - Meryl Streep, who says she will not have plastic surgery to combat signs of age

In 1915, when I was nine, my father assured me that there were only 25 years of oil left in the world - Lord Hailsham