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Free at last - Nelson Mandela, acknowledging victory in South Africa's first all-race elections.

Mr Mandela has walked a long road and now stands at the top of the hill - FW de Klerk.

We need half a dozen of the present Cabinet to be told: 'You have been here five or six years. Thank you very much. Goodbye' - David Evans, member of the Tory backbenchers' 1922 Committee. Asked for names, he suggested William Waldegrave, John Selwyn Gummer, John Patten.

He's lucky he didn't have his accident in Britain because he'd have been refused treatment on age grounds - Arthur Scargill, on the Pope breaking his leg.

We cannot for ever be content to acknowledge that in England justice is open to all - like the Ritz Hotel - Sir Thomas Bingham, Master of the Rolls, discussing the rising costs of going to law.

I take responsibility for the campaign - Sir Norman Fowler, Conservative Chairman, before the local government elections.

Churches bore me to tears. I once went to Athens and it seemed like a Wimpey building site - Terry Dicks, Tory MP.

You remind me of an artistic Antichrist. One gets the impression you would be happiest vandalising a Van Gogh, burning a book or bombing a ballet - Tony Banks, Labour MP, to Mr Dicks.

I rarely read any newspapers any more. It is like standing in a swimsuit under the Barking outflow - Jonathan Miller, writer and broadcaster.

There were no fire precautions in that room because it was next to a fire escape - Richard Boddington, owner of the Scarborough social security hostel where a woman and a toddler died in a fire.