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A love letter to Gerry Adams - Ian Paisley, on the Government's 'clarification' of the Downing Street Declaration for Sinn Fein

The sums now needed are usually only obtained with a mask, a gun and a getaway car - The Society of Names, on how much its members will have to pay to cover Lloyd's pounds 7bn losses

Margaret Thatcher has chickened out - or, to quote her own terminology, she is 'frit' - Dennis Canavan, Labour MP on her decision not to give evidence before a Commons committee inquiring into the Malaysian dam project

The only ones that sell better are Conan the Barbarian and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - T-shirt seller in St Petersburg, on the popularity of his 'Charles and Diana' line

I really would have preferred to have been a politician. I was ready to try for any Conservative seat that became vacant - Leo Blair, father of Tony Blair, the leading candidate in the forthcoming race for the Labour leadership

Men find it impossible to understand how much it costs for a woman to keep herself looking good - Ewa Lewis, social editor of 'Tatler', on reports that the Princess of Wales was spending pounds 3,000 a week on personal grooming

You don't need forward planning to produce scrambled eggs - Brigadier Vere Hayes, at an industrial tribunal where Elaine Ward, the cook at Dover Castle, claimed constructive dismissal

Westminster is little more than a playground for fist-fights - Paddy Ashdown