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I don't hate the British. I don't think even that we can live separately - Gerry Adams

If they must dabble in morals, let Tory ministers make this their conference slogan: 'Set the example you wish your children to follow' - Lord Deedes

The answer to our problems is not right-wing economics with left-wing social compassion. The answer is a new left-of-centre economics altogether - Tony Blair

Nearly all our current ills are attributable to the fact that the middle classes have lost control of the country - Auberon Waugh

I think they're actually turning into one another - Kit Hesketh-Harvey, singer and lyricist, on Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley

Of course, I enjoy the Ritz, but only because it's a rarity. Like an elephant, you wouldn't want one in your garden - Sister Wendy Beckett, nun and TV art critic

I believe in sex whenever you can get it. It's not that easy, you know - Stephen Brook, editor of 'The Penguin Book of Infidelities'

As its insularity becomes devalued, Britain is learning how to be a minor power - Institut Francais des Relations Internationales

I really think those times will never come again - Joe Cocker, who thinks life had more magic in the Sixties

I'm not surprised with looks like mine - Sir Edward Heath, on learning he was listed among Britain's 100 most eligible bachelors