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If the world changes and we don't, then we become of no use to the world. Our principles cease being principles and just ossify into dogma - Tony Blair

The Archbishop of Canterbury could remove the Ten Commandments on the grounds that we don't all follow them - Tony Benn, on Tony Blair's plan to rewrite Clause IV

However nostalgic Arthur (Scargill) makes you feel, under the next Labour government flying pickets will have the airborne power of the dodo - Bill Jordan, president of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union

Only great countries such as Russia and the United States can afford to be led by drunks and sex maniacs - Auberon Waugh

I decided to tell the story because I felt it was too beautiful a love to remain secret - Anna Pasternak on her book about an affair between the Princess of Wales and Major James Hewitt

Our distaste at Hewitt's hustling is tempered by concern for Diana's well-being. That is why we print his story at length - the Sun, which ran 17 (out of 32) pages about the book on Tuesday

A number of commentators have observed that Miss Pasternak's literary style is not unreminiscent of my own. I am tempted to sue - Barbara Cartland

Few people now believe any figures that any politicians put out. Statistics were devalued before the pound - Bernard Crick, Emeritus Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, London