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This is what Hitler said - you are to believe me or you go to the gas chamber - Ian Paisley on what he said was John Major's intransigence during their brief Downing Street meeting

To those people who say 'Why so soon?' my answer has to be - it is never too soon to save a life and never too soon to stop the killing - Albert Reynolds, the Irish Prime Minister, on his meeting with Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein's president

Did any country ever suffer from history as much as Ireland? - Newsweek

We have seen some of the old-time religion today - John Monks, the TUC general secretary, after Arthur Scargill called for a one-day strike to support the signalmen

What sort of sentence is that? I have ruined a girl's life, and you give me nine years - Mark Holmes, criticising a Crown Court judge for leniency after he admitted kidnapping and assaulting a 10-year-old

I don't understand the idea of slowing down - Shirley MacLaine on turning 60

It's cheaper to buy a telephone than call long distance from some hotels - Chris Kelly, presenter of the BBC's 'Food and Drink' programme

It is, aesthetically, the perfect photograph - Paul Martin, deputy editor of the German newspaper 'Bild', on the nude picture it published of the Prince of Wales

It looks as if soon there will be a telly for snobs and a telly for slobs - Melvyn Bragg

I've never been a fan of improvised comedy. It's something students should do. I don't think you should inflict it on the public - Victoria Wood

Children are born scientists, intensely interested in and curious about the world around them. But school and exams seem to extinguish many children's interest - Anne McLaren, president of the British Association