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I hope the commander who ordered the firing on Srebrenica burns in the hottest corner of hell. I hope the soldiers who loaded the weapons and fired the shells have nightmares for ever more. I hope their sleep is punctuated by the screams of the children and by the cries of the mothers - Larry Hollingworth, chief of operations in Sarajevo for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

WE HAVE been a little like an accomplice to massacre. We cannot carry on like that - Baroness Thatcher on the West's role in Bosnia

EMOTIONAL nonsense - Malcolm Rifkind, the Defence Secretary, on Lady Thatcher's comments

PEOPLE think of the Church as an army, but it is also an ambulance. You are holding a lot of frail people with a lot of problems, clinging on for dear life - Dr John Habgood, Archbishop of York

CHAIRMAN of the Coal Board - that was a job I could have had. I was offered it - Arthur Scargill, NUM President

IN 1967, I was thrilled to have my name in the papers. Now I tend to flinch and think, Oh God, what is it this time? - Tom Stoppard, playwright

I WOULD never waste police time because I work in an illegal environment and don't want to put their backs up - Lindi St Clair, Miss Whiplash

ENGLISHMEN are dull and unaesthetic. I do not think Englishmen are a visually literate race - Jean Muir, doyenne of British fashion