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Well, I think that he's a coward. I think that he's a rat, if you will . . . or a traitor - Stacey Koon, Los Angeles police sergeant convicted in the Rodney King trial, on Officer Theodore Briseno, who testified against him and was acquitted

I have always said that exercise is a short cut to the cemetery - John Mortimer, author

At my age I've come to the conclusion that women are really coming into their own and they're at their best when they've passed 40 - Clint Eastwood

I made a great deal of money as a voice-over. That's morally one step below theft. In one commercial I did just three words - 'Plunge Works Fast' - and put one of my sons through three years of college - Robert Ludlum, novelist

I know some people can be intimidated by my looks, so I work extremely hard to make people feel comfortable - Cindy Crawford, model

When I look back, the fondest memory I have is not really of the Goons. It is of a girl called Julia with enormous breasts - Spike Milligan, celebrating his 75th birthday

What a strange paradox it is that I would be unemployable if I were teetotal - Jeffrey Bernard