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She uses the word treachery, but I can't say about who - Hugh Scully, executive producer, on Baroness Thatcher's contribution to a BBC TV series about her time as prime minister

John Major's problem is that he believes the British are as reasonable and decent as he is - Sir Robert Rhodes James, former Tory MP

The Pope's a silly old fool - Clare Short, Labour MP, discussing John Paul II's views on birth control

We listen or we die - David Hunt, Employment Secretary, discussing the Tory defeat at Christchurch

Given that a politician's life is a very uncertain one, when I get sacked I shall go back to the clubs and see if there are any late-night people left in London - Kenneth Clarke, Chancellor and jazz fan

None of my performances is memorable to me. I promise you that once they are done, they are forgotten. I never watch them again or even think of them - Sir Alec Guinness

Men over 35 are destined to be perpetually unhappy unless they're very lucky - Trevor McDonald, 53, 'News At Ten' anchorman

It is absurd for us to be blamed for being right. It has been a case of the incredible in pursuit of the impossible - Bill Cash, leader of the Tory Euro- rebels, on the collapse of the ERM

When I say 'wireless' instead of 'radio' people give up even trying to move me into the electronic age - Roy Hattersley

I don't think she was ever sorry for herself - Lady d'Avigdor-Goldsmid on the Duchess of Argyll

It is only almost a gem. It is like a rather frisky girl who flicks her skirts at you and then pulls away at the last moment - Raymond Gubbay, classical music promoter, describing the Albert Hall

Women for me are what life is about, so I'm basically saying no more life - Dudley Moore, announcing that he will never marry again