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Because you can't help everybody doesn't mean you shouldn't help somebody - Douglas Hurd on the decision to bring five-year-old Irma Hadzimuratovic, wounded in Sarajevo, to London for medical treatment

Must we put on a theatre to save the other people's lives? We can save an awful lot of lives here, if we get electricity - Dr Vesna Cengic, who treated Irma, on the UN operation to evacuate the sick and wounded from Sarajevo

I, as an ordinary man, appeal to the world to help Sarajevo, to help the people of Sarajevo to stop the suffering and to stop all this they are now suffering. If this is not stopped, the killing will be more and more - Ramiz Hadzimuratovic, Irma's father

If a single Nato bomb strikes a Serbian position, there will be no more talks - Radovan Karadzic, Bosnian Serb leader

I have told the BBC that I wish to retire now, quietly, with the dignity that the programme engenders in the minds and hearts of its faithful audience - Clay Jones, 69, chairman of Radio 4's 'Gardeners' Question Time'

Whether this old bat will be tolerated in front of the cameras for much longer, I don't know - Kate Adie, BBC chief news correspondent, on herself

You know what happens to stalking horses. They end up in the knacker's yard. And that is not where I am going to end up - Teresa Gorman MP, who has been mentioned as a possible leadership challenger to John Major

I wanted to sit on the throne real bad. You picture the Queen sitting there and it was real neat - Luke Waldrun, 14-year-old American at Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty didn't want to give anyone the chance to nick the spoons - Palace official, on why tables on the tour route had not been laid with cutlery