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Can you imagine how we would feel if that amputation had gone ahead. . . How much trust can we place in doctors now? - Roy Leary, whose daughter Debbie was wrongly diagnosed for cancer

He wouldn't touch people in a different way that you shouldn't - Brett Barnes, 11, who says he shared a bed with Michael Jackson

Words often have historical significance, so even if they become obsolete they stay in. Majorism might be there for a long time - Alan Hughes, an editor at Oxford University Press, whose New Shorter Oxford has a definition for 'Majorism'

Britain's beaches are bloody awful. The country should hang its head in shame - David Bellamy

In record time, in what seemed like a frightening nightmare, it destroyed a once strong and prosperous country, leaving it morally and financially bankrupt, isolated from its people, its Arab neighbours and the international community - Hamed al-Jubouri, Iraqi ambassador-turned-dissident, on the decision of Saddam Hussein's regime to attack Kuwait

Our only goal is to serve our people and to liberate our country, whatever the cost - Hisham al- Shawi, his fellow defector

Andrew used to say to me: 'One is a Prince, then a naval officer, then a husband.' And two out of three, you know, one has to go - the Duchess of York, on the strain of separations from her husband that led to their marriage break-up

A crass, bone-headed, monumental misconception of what the British police service and policing is all about - Richard Coyles, of the Police Federation, on the Sheehy proposals for reforming the service

I think it was the seventh goal that killed us - Danny McGraith, the Arbroath manager, after his team lost 9-1 to Celtic in the Scottish League Cup