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It is horrible and hideous, but it has to be done - Wilf Ball, whose three-year-old son died in the Warrington bombing, supporting secret Government talks with the IRA

I don't believe there's a person in Ireland with a titter of wit who would believe that I handed over such a document or oral communication to the British Government - Martin McGuinness, dismissing the Government's claim that he had sent a message saying the conflict is over

Martin McGuinness has got a problem, hasn't he? He has been left hanging out to dry because none of his terrorists was aware he was suing for peace - Michael Mates, former Northern Ireland minister

It is a fraud on the public to raise National Insurance contributions by 1 per cent at the same time as cutting a benefit to which people are contributing during all their working lives - John Smith, in his response to the Budget

Let me assure you that this decision has nothing whatever to do with the drinking habits of the Chancellor - Kenneth Clarke, announcing no increase in the duty on beer

I don't regard the back benches as the icy wastes - Norman Lamont, former Chancellor

British justice has been done - Roger Levitt, sentenced to 180 hours' community service after admitting fraudulent trading prior to the collapse of his company with pounds 34m debts

I see you managed to put something else on - The Prince of Wales, meeting a fully dressed Sylvie Guillem, principal dancer with the Royal Ballet, after she had performed in a see-through top at a Covent Garden winter gala