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We cannot go on spilling blood in the name of the past - John Major, urging people in Northern Ireland to support the Anglo-Irish declaration

No side which claims a legitimate stake in the future of Northern Ireland can justify continued violence on any grounds - President Clinton

Already the general reaction among nationalists is one of disappointment - Mitchel McLaughlin, chairman of Sinn Fein

We have to remember that all the wars didn't solve anything in the interests of the people - Yasser Arafat, on the declaration

So it's a cautious welcome, then? - Daily Mirror reporter's response to Ian Paisley's reference to 'fiendish republican scum' over the declaration

I think Saddam Hussein would have a better chance - Greg Dyke, chief executive of LWT, when asked if he would like to run the BBC

The House of Commons is a very volatile place. They are a bit of a nuisance - Alan Clark, former defence minister, giving evidence to the Scott inquiry into arms sales to Iraq

I never want to hear about Gatt again - Alain Juppe, French Foreign Minister

You can't point out to a politician the sheer value of a theatre working in the community. It does half-a-million quid's worth of community work every week - Alan Ayckbourn

I now have to spell Thatcher when I make table reservations in restaurants, but I can live with that - Carol Thatcher

I accept I am a bizarre character and I contribute towards my reputation. I understand it may be distressing to people, but it usually brings smiles - Oliver Reed, after he was cleared of injuring his stunt double during a prank