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Now it is clear. It is clear - Douglas Hurd, the Foreign Secretary, informing the Commons of the Government's new legal advice on the Social Chapter

Outside of this House the people watching will conclude yet again that when this government governs, expediency is the rule of the day and principle is nowhere to be seen - Jack Cunningham, Labour foreign affairs spokesman

Government legal advisers seem to be changing their minds as often as you and I, hopefully, change our socks - Michael Spicer, Conservative MP for Worcestershire South, and an opponent of the Maastricht treaty

Our partners in Europe don't know whether to laugh or cry. The generalship shown by the Government over Maastricht makes Fred Karno look like the Duke of Wellington - Lord Healey

We are beginning to see recovery - Michael Heseltine, President of the Board of Trade

It is a cancer reaching right into the heart of our society and I think it is an utter disgrace that the Government doesn't care about it - John Smith, the Labour leader, on the unemployment figures

We knew the administration was going to review things, but they should not have started with Adam and Eve - Martin Bangemann, EC Industry Commissioner, on President Bill Clinton's economic plan

British universities are becoming more like the trains in India, where one cannot actually see the train because of the number of people who are hanging on to the outside of it - Lord Quinton

I have been leading expeditions for 29 years and it was the most unpleasant, nasty experience. . . . I certainly don't want to be involved in it again - Sir Ranulph Fiennes, on his Antarctic journey

Everybody in the city feels the same about the tragedy. It's more than anger. You would just like to get your hands on them. To be honest, I would bloody hang them - Veronica Caffrey, a resident of Bootle, on the murder of James Bulger