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In our brave new Britain the honourable resignation has become as out of date as a balance of payments surplus . . . Shame has been abolished as a political emotion - Lord Jenkins.

I'm just glad I got through my campaign with most of my life in Britain still classified - Bill Clinton, on the Home Office's search of files on his time at Oxford while he was running for President

Children as young as 12 are just laughing at the law - Kevin Aldread, Nottinghamshire police inspector

In any political issue, silence is always the biggest mistake you can make because it gives the initiative to the adversary and it allows your enemy to set the terms of the debate - Salman Rushdie

I would like the public to have a crusade against crime and change their attitude from being forgiving of crime to being considerate of the victim - John Major

A Hollywood marriage is not an ordinary marriage - Demi Moore

If we have got a class of more than 40 ten-year-olds we are talking more about crowd control than a valuable learning process - Stephen Byers, Labour MP

Becoming a parent is the easiest thing in the world. Being a good parent is very hard indeed - Dr George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury

It's not how old you are, it's how you're old - Brian Blessed, 56, announcing his plans to be the oldest man to climb Everest

Before you take a girl to bed these days you have to have a medical discussion about the plague. So I don't bother much - Jack Nicholson

Living without Coronation Street would be like being cast into perpetual darkness - Derek Jameson

If all the clergy that are homosexual were to withdraw their service from the church, especially in the more rural areas, it would die - the Rev David Randall, an Anglican priest in London who has been HIV positive for six years