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The doctors told us her heart will heal. She loves the job. She says every time she goes out it is an adventure - Lillian Harrison, whose police-officer daughter, Lesley, was stabbed in the heart while trying to arrest a man in Liverpool

I went to school at a time when it was considered part of the school's responsibility to ensure we could speak and write our native language accurately, clearly and, it was hoped, with some elegance. Today we have a society where often a child has only to open his mouth to proclaim disadvantage - P D James, crime writer

If it was not for the fact that it christens you, marries you and buries you, there would be no place for the Church at all except for community hymn singing - Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, Tory MP

The Queen is implacably living the House of Windsor lie that human relationships thrive on cold showers and the stiff upper lip. Three adult children with failed marriages have taught her nothing - John Stevens, consultant psychiatrist

Politics is so uncertain. The trap-door of oblivion can open any time and you simply drop through - Gillian Shephard, Employment Secretary

I'm sorry she is so hard up that she has to do a film that rips off my life - Elizabeth Taylor on Raquel Welch playing her in a new television film

The only problem was that my hypnotist gave me as my affirmation the sentence 'I can enjoy life as a non-smoker', which I disagreed with - Victoria Glendinning on taking a smoking cure

Our Motherland entered the 20th century as a great country. It is not Russia's fault that it was thrown from this path and turned into a testing ground of Communism - Boris Yeltsin

There are a lot of people who frown on honours, like I did until I got one - Roy Castle, who received an OBE in the new year list

I haven't got any vices - I think of myself as pure. I look back and I don't regret anything - Barbara Cartland