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It is not our intention to slur the Prime Minister - Steve Platt, editor of 'New Statesman & Society', which published an article about 'unsubstantiated' rumours regarding John Major and a 'mistress'

I suppose I have to believe in the ultimate good - that we will be vindicated, that we'll remain a close family and life will tootle on - Pandora Maxwell

What rate cut? - Michael Heseltine, on the day Norman Lamont reduced interest rates to 6 per cent

Many of the women are either too stupid or too lazy to fill in a form properly. Every time I come to Moscow I have to teach them how to sell themselves - Ron Rollband, head of an American-Russian marriage agency

Cars are here to stay - Viscount Oxfuird, opening a Lords' debate on the internal combustion engine

Tourist authorities in Cumbria are organising trips to watch the mating ritual of the natterjack toad. Has it not occurred to the tourist people that toads might like a little privacy? - Auberon Waugh

The Government's vision of Britain is of a low-wage, low-production economy. They want us to be the sweatshop of Europe, and they are succeeding - Sam Galbraith, Labour's employment spokesman

The gigantic shadow of Soviet Communism has passed. But its passing has revealed a multitude of lesser shadows - Douglas Hurd

To kowtow to ordinary people is part of the cant of the age. You may criticise the monarchy, or Parliament, or judges - but it is not done to suggest that the people may be brutish and stupid - John Casey, Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge

I was brought up with a moral and ethical code. One is: 'Don't wash your dirty linen in public' - the Marquis of Blandford, criticising his wife for 'disloyal behaviour'

John MacGregor thinks he is building a new Jerusalem. Some of us think it will be more like Beirut - Robert Adley, Tory MP, on rail privatisation