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It is the people's turn to speak. It is their powers of which we are the custodians - Baroness Thatcher, calling for a referendum on Maastricht

The best thing about Britain is that it is not Holland, which is so flat, and the people are nuts, and it's where Maastricht lives - Alice Thomas Ellis, writer

I'm very uncomfortable living in any world where the Pope is 25 years younger than I am - Billy Wilder, 87-year-old film director

They see the House of Commons as a political soap opera, complete with its Dirty Dens, JRs and Kylie Minogues - good for entertainment, but not of much real relevance to their daily lives - Paddy Ashdown on the public perception of politicians

Removing regulation from Whitehall is like wrestling with a greasy pig - John Major

May I congratulate the new Chancellor on the rapid success of his policies? - Norman Lamont on the announcement of a further fall in unemployment seven weeks after he was fired

The idea that there are women who run perfect homes and have delightful children who never get chickenpox without giving a month's notice is unrealistic - Angela Browning, Conservative MP

I do not think Classic FM has anything to teach Radio 3 about its music policy, but it has a hell of a lot to teach Radio 3 about how to make listeners feel welcome - Liz Forgan, managing director of BBC Network Radio

I've lost count of the times I've been invited to functions with the instruction to wear a lounge suit and bring my wife. One of these days I just might - Angela Eagle, Labour MP