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There is no question of anyone resigning. We are going to win this by-election - Sir Norman Fowler, Conservative Party chairman, when asked if he would quit if the Tories lost Christchurch

He spoke the truth. He should not apologise - Sir Edward Heath on John Major's 'bastards' comment

At the moment when the judges doubted whether (John) Demjanjuk was really identical with Ivan the Terrible, they had no option but to set him free - Simon Wiesenthal, hunter of former Nazis

One of the best agreements in my life, there was not a lawyer in sight - Sir Alastair Morton, chief executive of Eurotunnel, after deal with TML to complete the project

Like Al Capone, whom I liked, too, I thought she was very kind - Larry Adler, on the death of Margaret, Duchess of Argyle

We experience at the Bar very often a complete lottery of dim, uncomprehending and unfair judges who have been put into cases where they flounder out of their depth - David Cocks, QC

I'm not so ready to punch people out as I used to be - Mick Jagger, 50 this week

She is short on looks, absolutely deprived of any dress sense, has a figure like a Jurassic monster, no tact and wants to upstage everyone - Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, Tory MP, on the Duchess of York

The bottom's gone out of the market - Arnold Taylor, seaside postcard artist, bemoaning falling sales

If Emmeline Pankhurst had played darts, she would never have had to chain herself to the railings - Sid Waddell, darts commentator

There'll never be anything to beat Come Dancing - Michael Winner, discussing the best TV programmes