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There can be no question of a leadership challenge at the moment. Any such challenge would be ill- judged and ill-timed - Baroness Thatcher

All I could do was shut my eyes and think of John Major. Then, luckily, I managed to get hold of a line that was thrown to me - Peter Viggers, Tory MP, after nearly drowning when he fell into the Solent during a yacht race

If they want to fight to the death, we have nothing to do here. If there is no will for peace, we will have to withdraw - General Philippe Morillon, UN commander in Bosnia

If you want to shoot me, it's your prerogative. But look over my shoulder and you will see Warriors and Scimitars. If you pull the trigger, your men will die - Sergeant Les Sadler, of the Prince of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment, to a Bosnian gunman pushing a Kalashnikov into his chest

It is not important between elections to be popular, it is important to be right - Michael Heseltine

Well, she was wearing dark glasses, wasn't she? - Eric Petheridge, Ascot gateman, after turning away the Princess Royal

It is most unlikely he will be here for trial in September - Anthony Scrivener QC, Asil Nadir's barrister, to the judge due to preside over the runaway businessman's trial

In my wildest dreams, I never expected such continued uproar from the fans. I never imagined it would turn out as such a fiasco - Alan Sugar, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, on the Terry Venables affair

Never in my lifetime has there been such an outpouring of love as there has been for Les. I cannot remember anything like it - Edward Woodward at the funeral of Les Dawson