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The death of one innocent little child is causing us all to do something to make life better - Father Michael O'Connell, speaking at the funeral of James Bulger

This could fairly be described as the most helpless Government in the whole history of government. It arouses compassion - Lord Longford

I am often asked if non-political people talk to me about Maastricht. The answer is yes - the most common question is: 'When will this bloody Maastricht thing finish?' - George Robertson, Labour foreign affairs spokesman

He is the man who has turned sloth into an art form, indolence into a political philosophy, inaction into a declaration of intent - Sir Norman Fowler, Tory party chairman, on John Smith

I am a poor illiterate . . . just a poor farmer . . . all home, work, family and church - Salvatore 'Toto' Riina, the Sicilian Mafia's alleged 'Boss of all the bosses'

Of all the remedies a civilised society uses to punish people for committing a crime, I don't think killing people is one of them - Kenneth Clarke

Women are badly served by writers. It's hopeless for the middle-aged actress. I wasn't going to hang around all my life waiting to play the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet - Glenda Jackson, MP

Among the clergy it is considered smarter to be rather shabby. Frayed cuffs, food stains down the front and insecure waistlines are all thought to testify to length of days in the Lord's service, even to holiness - Canon Brian Brindley of Brighton

Men designers move fashion forward, but they don't have to wear them. Women designers try on their clothes - Caroline Charles, fashion designer

Enough is enough. There are so many terrifying films that it can't go on . . . As an actor, I do have to have some responsibility - Sir Anthony Hopkins, expressing reluctance at recreating Hannibal Lecter in a sequel to 'The Silence of Lambs'