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The family's feelings are frankly irrelevant. A murder has been committed - James Morrow, Roman Catholic priest, announcing that he plans a private prosecution against the family of the Hillsborough victim Tony Bland and doctors and health officials who allowed him to die

When they started out they weren't even household names in their own homes - David Mellor, Tory MP, describing Conservative Euro-rebels

If stoning to death were to be applied for adultery, there would be an awful lot of by-elections for this House very quickly - Tony Banks, Labour MP

What leads to a nation's pride and sense of identity is contributed by the chattering of poets, playwrights and novelists. Politicians are quickly forgotten - John Mortimer, defending Britain's intellectual 'chattering classes'

There is something neurotic about writing fiction at all. It's fantasy gone mad. But I have a feeling of malaise if I don't do it - Ruth Rendell

It has been a splendid year for bores. There is a man with glasses who is Prime Minister and there is a man with glasses who is Leader of the Opposition - Ian Hislop, editor of 'Private Eye'

There are more leaks of Government documents than there are in my kitchen colander - Betty Boothroyd, Speaker of the House of Commons

By treating violence as a game without cost, certain sections of the film industry display their contempt for anything other than box-office success - Bryan Forbes, film maker

The more flesh you show, the higher up the ladder you go - Kim Basinger on being a successful Hollywood sex symbol

The landed classes are very rum ones to follow and bad ones to take an example from - the Marquess of Blandford, accusing his father, the Duke of Marlborough, of being 'emotionally bankrupt' by going hunting while the marquess's wife, Becky, lay in a coma following a riding accident