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I regard myself as being as constant as the northern star - Kenneth Clarke, the Chancellor

The obsessive politician is a menace. Politics ought to be a battle of ideas, not a way of life - Roy Hattersley, Labour MP

I have got a cold, clinical view of life. I find

that emotions are very inconvenient - Sir Anthony Hopkins, actor

I am the least smooth of seducers. The only trick is that I do not waver. I know what I want and so do they - Dai Llewellyn

As far as negotiation is concerned, it is like poker. It is best to keep your hand to yourself as long as possible - John Major

The truth is that the principle of health care free on the point of delivery has already gone - Norman Lamont, former chancellor

We have got to stop this nonsense about whether we can afford the arts. The money is a footnote in the defence budget. To double the arts budget would not even cause a hiccup - Sir Peter Hall

If anyone had the answer as to how to prevent crime, the world would be a different place - Michael Howard, Home Secretary

We are a nation of bowers and scrapers - Tony Benn, advocating abolition of the House of Lords

It's wonderful to make a beautiful dress for someone, but I also love working for Littlewoods. What's the good of designing only expensive things if hardly anyone can afford to buy them? - Zandra Rhodes, dress designer

If Margaret Thatcher had been Prime Minister at the time, there would have been no Treaty of Maastricht - Douglas Hurd, Foreign Secretary