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Learning to like yourself is the hardest thing - the Princess of Wales, speaking to young drug addicts at a rehabilitation centre

We will do everything we can to respect your privacy - Bryce Taylor in a letter inviting the princess to use his L A Fitness gym

Education is more newsworthy even than the Royal Family and the game of Hunting Jacko - John Thorn, former head of Winchester College

It's so brutal it's like Broadway. It makes you want to go away and become a florist - Tim Luscombe, whose West End show, 'Eurovision', was savaged by the critics and closed after five days

Now that every village school with a playground larger than a quarter of a hectare is entitled to call itself a university, it is easy to see that the Exchequer may have difficulty keeping up with appropriate grants - Stephen Fry

I've reached a point in my life where there's nothing to win, nothing to lose and nothing to prove - Anthony Hopkins

But don't feel you have to watch it - Mr Justice Blofeld, the judge in an Old Bailey spy trial, telling jurors sent to a hotel that they were allowed to watch the England v San Marino match

The English language is chugging along happily - though you might not believe it to hear some people whingeing - Jean Aitchison, Rupert Murdoch Professor of Language and Communication at Oxford University

Some people still think that Napoleon is going to come through - John Prescott, Labour MP, on British resistance to the Channel tunnel

I survived the operation but I think I did better by surviving the food - Michael Winner, on leaving hospital after a triple heart by-pass operation