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The law stops at the front door of the house and parents have to take responsibility for what goes on in their own home - Lavinia Carey, director-general of the British Videogram Association, following suggestions that one of James Bulger's killers had watched the horror video 'Child's Play 3'

I would not have let a 10-year-old of mine watch the sort of videos involved in this case - Det Supt Albert Kirby, the officer in charge of the James Bulger murder inquiry

I worked longer hours last year than I've ever worked - Peter Wood, founder of Direct Line motor insurers, who has been paid an pounds 18.2m annual bonus

I must have been arrested and condemned to be shot several times and it was a hazard that I got used to - Baroness Park, 72, in the first officially sanctioned interview by a former MI6 officer

I think the way in which questions are answered in Parliament tends to be something of an art form rather than a means of communication - Eric Beston, former head of export controls at the DTI, in evidence to the Scott inquiry on British arms sales to Iraq, over which he said Margaret Thatcher gave 'misleading' information to the Commons

It is the old, old story. We fail to measure our cloth, then cut the coat, run out of cloth, and produce a coat with one sleeve missing - Lord Deedes on the Channel tunnel's delayed rail link

There are no military solutions to what is essentially a military problem - Michael Mates, former Northern Ireland minister

I told you I wasn't feeling well - Frederick Forsyth, on being asked to compose his epitaph

Damn political correctness - the Rev Jonathan Meyrick, of Tisbury, Wiltshire