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To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, we've had to face every difficulty except popularity - Sir Norman Fowler, chairman of the Tory party

We cannot run an election campaign on the idea of being old and cold, because people cannot afford VAT on fuel bills - Teresa Gorman, Tory MP

Now you can get away with anything - with being a mattress in a Chelsea shirt bonking some out-of-work actress. And you can get away with not one mistress but three or more. It is not good enough - David Evans, Tory MP, on party morals

I do not believe in capital punishment - a life for a life, I don't believe in - Margaret Jagger, girlfriend of Gary Colley, the British tourist killed in Florida, after four youths were charged with his murder

We have to take the Kremlin - Ruslan Khasbulatov, chairman of the Russian Parliament, in an address to members

The situation is now like it was before perestroika in 1985 . . . It is precisely Yeltsin who is the Bolshevik - Viktor Kennik, deputy editor of 'Pravda', which has been closed down by the Russian president

Our aim is to empty the M4. Cars just cannot compete - Richard Willis, a British Rail manager, about InterCity's new London-Bristol-Cardiff Shuttle service

So many people have told me that they enjoy reading my books tremendously and how much happiness I have brought into their marriages that I wondered how I could be even more helpful to those who need me - Dame Barbara Cartland, launching her own Romance Club