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She finds it hard to praise even her favourites - Lord Howe on Baroness Thatcher's criticisms of him in her memoirs

The difference between us is that I am living after Winston Churchill and she comes from the time before Winston Churchill - Helmut Kohl on Baroness Thatcher

The Conservative Party conference is wholly unrepresentative of anything. It is even unrepresentative of the Conservative Party - Lord Gilmour, Tory peer

The Labour Party seems to have constructed itself with the deliberate intention of making its leaders' lives miserable - Gerald Kaufman, Labour MP

When they come down to Tennessee to collect the money, I'll have both guns loaded - Henri Weddel, a Memphis stockbroker and Lloyd's name

The one think I would make obligatory at art school is drawing - David Hockney

Conservative Central Office has to realise that three or four receptions a year for Asian millionaires is not a race relations policy - John Taylor, the black barrister who stood for Cheltenham

We must not beat them with big sticks - George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, on single mothers.

I'm sure we'd crack open a cup of tea if we won - spokeswoman for the Salvation Army, which was tipped for a Nobel Peace Prize

I met Presley in 1969 and he had heard a cassette of (Andy) Stewart doing his Elvis impersonation. He told me it was the best mimic of his voice he had ever come across - Screaming Lord Sutch, disclosing that Presley was a fan of the Scottish entertainer, who died on Monday